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Vajanského nábrežie 2

Chief designer: Ing. Zsolt Papp
Representative of the investor regarding contractual matters:
Mgr. Helena Ferencová
Representative of the investor regarding technical matters: Ing. Miroslav Ondráš
Construction supervision: Peter Srník


Hollstav s.r.o.
Horná Skotňa 2945
024 04 Kysucké Nové Mesto
Representative of the contractor: Vladimír Hollý
Authorised construction manager of the contractor: Ing. Milan Hutňan
Beginning of the works: 21.8.2016
Completion of the works: 30.4.2017
Nr. of constructin licence: 199/2015 z 22.5.2015
The HraMoKa project has continued to progress to the 2nd stage of construction works implemented on the exterior of the national cultural monument - the ModrýKameň Castle.

The grant provider- the Government Office of the SR - Department of EEA and Norway Grants - has provided funding amount to € 300 000 for the renovation of external facades and exterior windows of the Eastern wing of the baroque castle on ModrýKameň to improve the aesthetic appearance of the renewed section of the natural cultural monumentand, to improve the thermal resistance of the building. In addition, the Ministry of Culture of the SRhas provided funds from the state budget to repair the damaged roof and the lightning conductors. The project and the budget have been developed,the allocated funds amounted to € 300 000 (including VAT).

The Ministry of Culture of the SR, Economic Section, initiated the public procurement process and selected the most successful candidate for the implementation of construction works-Hollstav, s.r.o., Horná Skotňa, Kysucké Nové Mesto. The vendor, due to its capacities and continuous operation, ensures the most effective management of time available for the implementation of construction works in consideration of the climate conditions of the autumn season and the use of specific building materials necessary for the renovation of anational cultural monument. The removal of the thick and strongly adherent cement plasters from 1960 and the repair of the massivelydamaged original masonry were particularly difficult. The new plasters were applied under the supervision of a restorer. The historical research of the building constructionidentified Renaissance plasters, which will be presented in situ. The construction works also include the restoration of the portal of the Southernfaçade with preserved original plasters anda marble table with an inscription on the history of the castle, and making of the replica of the original doors and windows of the Southern facade. In the yard-wall, the original arcade windows will be restored and new external window wings will be made in the Eastern and Northern walls. The project will be completed on 30.4.2017

The repair of the castle roof is implemented by ENGIE s.r.o., Bratislava. The worksinclude the replacement of the lathing, repair of the damaged parts of the roof, replacement of the roofing and the installation of an active lightning conductor. The works will be completed by 15.12.2016.

The reconstruction of monument is implemented under the supervision of Ing. arch. Zsolt Papp, PROART Levice.

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